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4 months ago
Today we received an amazing care package from @nvidia! Thanks to their GPU Seed Grant we can now start to get preliminary data on two projects focused on machine-learning applied to microscopy, together with our collaborator @BergholtLab. Really excited! theSeriousLab photo
4 months ago
We have an awesome PhD project available within the MRC DTP at King's for 2019! This programme is fantastic, provides great training and a fully funded studentship. The project will focus on on-chip models of synaptic connectivity. Another month to apply!
4 months ago
We just got funded!!! The Wellcome trust is going to fund one of our projects with their Seed Award in Science, official notification arrived today. Best kind of news to receive on a Monday!
8 months ago
Well, If Nature says so... Seems like new labs can be a great place for PhDs. Not that we are biased on this in our less-than-1-year-old Lab! 😉
11 months ago
Thanks @KCLstemcells and @davide_danovi for inviting me at #stemcellsatlunch today to give a talk on bioengineering neural circuits for disease modeling
1 year ago
Fully Funded PhD position in our group for an exciting project combining Bioengineering and ALS modelling! Apply @