I love the research we do, and I have dedicated to it pretty much my every waking moment so far. But let's not kid ourselves: unless you are working right now on CoVid related stuff, your work can wait. So, let's use all the skills we are our teams have acquired to help. https://t.co/X1me9GM9tw

Scientist without a lab? The (now visual) PhD researcher guide with ideas of what you can do during isolation throughout #COVID19. We are more than just lab coats.👩🏻‍🔬 You *can* and will get through this and get a PhD the other side. Stay strong💪 #AcademicChatter #phdchat #phdlife https://t.co/uBt765Y08f theSeriousLab photo

As several people asked about our arrangements... We have locked-down the lab, with all activities frozen last Friday and other long term experiments winding down this week. Everybody is working from home on papers with first virtual lab meeting today and e-journal club tomorrow!