Welcome to the group website of the Serio Lab!

We are the Neural Circuit BioEngineering Group, within the Division of Tissue Engineering & Biophotonics at King's College London. We combine bioengineering, stem cell biology, neuroscience and molecular imaging to recreate the complexity of the nervous system in vitro.


We firmly believe that in order to really understand something, it is certainly necessary to take it apart, study and understand every piece and then... to put it back together!

We stand on the shoulders of giants:  for over 30 years neurobiology, genetics, cell and developmental biology have worked together to provide an understanding of which cells, molecules and genes are necessary to construct the nervous system. And in parallel, the emergence of stem cell technologies and bioengineering techniques has given us the tools to interact with biological material in a productive way.

Our aim is to combine these fields into a dedicate research avenue, gaining an understanding of how the nervous system works in health and disease by trying to construct bespoke complex circuitry in vitro. Engineering connections between neural cells in a meaningful way, to advance our knowledge and push towards translational outcomes.

The Latest News from the NCE Group:

Finally the new lab website is up! It took way too long and it's a long way away from perfect... But it finally has got all the team (and the ever important pretty pictures). Check it out on https://t.co/jKizctKPr2

Just a few more days! We are really excited to take part in the MND Engage event at @TheCrick organised by @PataniLab! https://t.co/iMdUl6G6g8

Do you like neurons and microscopes? Of course you do! Who doesn't??? Then come work with us! We have an awesome PhD project on imaging and neuroscience together with the Ameero-Beg Lab @Femtoscopist.
Check all the details here: https://t.co/oSDbiS3dhz https://t.co/Me0VuZ5Ii6

If you are looking for a PhD on biomaterials and advanced chemistry applied to bioengineering, check out the Spicer Lab in York! Awesome opportunity https://t.co/faXNiReQLV

Today we received an amazing care package from @nvidia! Thanks to their GPU Seed Grant we can now start to get preliminary data on two projects focused on machine-learning applied to microscopy, together with our collaborator @BergholtLab. Really excited! https://t.co/LCMs1EA6kZ theSeriousLab photo