Welcome to the group website of the Serio Lab!

We are the Neural Circuit BioEngineering Group, within the Division of Tissue Engineering & Biophotonics at King's College London. We combine bioengineering, stem cell biology, neuroscience and molecular imaging to recreate the complexity of the nervous system in vitro.


We firmly believe that in order to really understand something, it is certainly necessary to take it apart, study and understand every piece and then... to put it back together!

We stand on the shoulders of giants:  for over 30 years neurobiology, genetics, cell and developmental biology have worked together to provide an understanding of which cells, molecules and genes are necessary to construct the nervous system. And in parallel, the emergence of stem cell technologies and bioengineering techniques has given us the tools to interact with biological material in a productive way.

Our aim is to combine these fields into a dedicate research avenue, gaining an understanding of how the nervous system works in health and disease by trying to construct bespoke complex circuitry in vitro. Engineering connections between neural cells in a meaningful way, to advance our knowledge and push towards translational outcomes.

The Latest News from the NCE Group:

Ok, last group meeting of 2019... With a veritable insulin-challenge thanks to a box of doughnuts and a full pandoro. Science seems somehow better with glucose overdose... And lab-made Xmas decorations are always a plus. Thanks to our Amazing Team for all the hard work this year! https://t.co/XoozDrTT4f theSeriousLab photo

After a month of small post-lab-move battles with instruments, cells and computers... Serio Lab Xmass Lunch! With mandatory ridiculous Christmas jumpers. https://t.co/aqLmz7ReBu theSeriousLab photo

Alrighty... All packed and ready for the movers tomorrow morning. @TheCrick here we come! We had a fun and suspiciously smooth day of packing... Which probably means we forgot to pack something. https://t.co/2WqsJBscqt theSeriousLab photo

Lab Tacos Lunch to welcome our newest team member, Ludovica. She joins us for one year from SanRaffele University in Milan and will be working on mitochondrial dynamics in astrocytes. Welcome! https://t.co/l4ni7nOv4s theSeriousLab photo

Friday Afternoon Artsy Cellfie (A.k.a. "what do we do with all the LUTs we tried and didn't end up in the figure?"): One of our spinal cord organoids interacting with different microtopographies, fancy colours and mirroring aside...
#Cellfie #ArtOnChip?
Happy Weekend! https://t.co/4DEcvAmU3q
theSeriousLab photo

Celebration Time! Our Cathleen, first PhD student of the Serio Lab just passed her upgrade with flying colours and the compliments of her committee... And she couldn't look happier 😬.
Super congrats Cathleen (who manages somehow not to be on Twitter in 2019). Really proud! https://t.co/ESK3IylLbZ
theSeriousLab photo