We are interested in combining bioengineering, advanced imaging techniques and stem cell modelling to obtain novel insights into how the nervous system functions in health and disease.

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By creating novel bio-mimetic neural tissue engineering platforms we aim to shed light on how neuronal circuitry works in health and disease, and to tackle important  questions in the field of neurobiology and neurodegenerative disorders, pushing the edge of what is currently achievable with stem cell modelling.

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We are fighting Motor Neurone Diseases.

Our work aims to broaden our understanding on how neurodegenerative diseases and ageing affect the normal function of neural circuitry and how we can stop it. In particular, a lot of our work focuses on Motor Neurone Diseases (MNDs), like Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Funding in this area of research is crucial for labs like ours and our collaborators to continue the fight. You can support research in this field by donating to MND Association, just click the button!

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